Program Objectives:
ISOM trains midwives to work in a variety of settings. We believe that in today’s competitive managed care/high malpractice environment, the future of direct entry midwifery will be in the high volume birth center. Our programs will teach students to function and manage this type of birthing venue.

Due to the fact that there is a shortage of midwives capable of working in these settings, we are in a position of having an agreement with South Beach Maternity Associates to train our students to be able to work in their birth center.


Interested in Midwifery or the Medical Profession?
International School of Midwifery may be for you!!

We are now accepting applications for our Fall Semester. Application deadline is June 26, 2015!
Midwife holding baby International School of Midwifery is geared towards training midwives but if you are interested in a career in the medical profession you may benefit from our offerings as well.

Our program is broken into three distinct course of studies:

Introduction to Midwifery Program
Midwifery Assistant Program
Senior Midwifery Studies

The International School of Midwifery is a private, for-profit and fragrance-free school.
Class Size:
Class size for the core midwifery classes will average between 15 and 20 students to allow for personal attention and individualized instruction. Non-core midwifery classes may have a larger class size.

Equal Opportunities:
The International School of Midwifery does not discriminate in the admission of its students. It is an equal opportunity employer.

Local Grown
A locally grown business, The International School of Midwifery has been serving South Florida since January 1996

Mission & Philosophy
The International School of Midwifery has a mission to uphold excellence in Midwifery education to those with a calling. Students are admitted to the school based upon the likelihood that they will be hirable upon graduation. More...